Fire Damage

A home fire doesn’t just burn through your furniture and walls. A fire takes an emotional toll as you try to rebuild your life, having lost irreplaceable possessions and the special places that hold many memories. You’ve got enough on your plate. Let Pillar Construction handle inspection and restoration.

Recovering from a fire can be expensive, but if you try to do it yourself, you may cause more damage to the building. Fire-damaged structures are not safe, so do not enter your home or business location until you’ve been cleared to do so by the fire department. Charred materials seal in smoke, so your insulation and wood need replacement.

In addition, 

  • Ash and smoke corrode materials, causing more damage to the building’s infrastructure. 
  • Odors will linger in a room, and lingering smoke causes walls and ceilings to turn yellow or discolor. 
  • Fires tarnish metal and cause etching in windows and mirrors. 

Our fire damage repair team will board up your home or business, working with local authorities to secure your property and prevent further damage. A Pillar Construction project manager will visually inspect the structure, contents, and presence of remaining corrosive chemicals that may have been left after the flames were extinguished. We’ll work to preserve your electronics and documents that may have been damaged in the fire. 

Contact us today to properly restore your home or business to its original condition.